Benefits for adults

Why it matters

Whether it's the service provider improving the way they deliver care, or the young person partnering in the treatment process, youth engagement changes lives. We’ve compiled evidence that shows the benefits of youth engagement specific to child and youth mental health.

Adults will benefit from youth engagement because it:

  • Boosts energy, collective purpose and commitment to the agency 1, 2
  • Enhances personal efficacy and adults’ sense of belonging 2,3
  • Increases connectedness within the agency and more broadly within the community 3
  • Promotes new strategies for interacting with youth 3
  • Brings new perspectives to decision-making processes 2,3
  • Strengthens service provider-client relationship and therapeutic alliance 4
  • Builds confidence and effectiveness in working with youth 3
  • Deconstructs stereotypes about young people and results in a greater recognition of youth diversity and strengths 2,3