Benefits for agencies

Why it matters

Whether it's the service provider improving the way they deliver care, or the young person partnering in the treatment process, youth engagement changes lives. We’ve compiled evidence that shows the benefits of youth engagement specific to child and youth mental health.

Agencies will benefit from youth engagement because it:

  • Improves program effectiveness and increases the agency’s ability to connect and respond to young people’s needs 1
  • Increases the visibility of mental health services in the community thereby enhancing access to services 2
  • Promotes a culture of inclusion and appreciation for diversity 1
  • Strengthens inclusivity and helps the agency to work with diverse groups 1
  • Increases agency credibility and appeal to funders who recognize the importance of having youth engagement embedded within programs and services 1
  • Increases community reach 1
  • Promotes entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to governance, and encourages organizational openness to change and debate 3,4
  • Fosters greater staff commitment to the agency 3,4