Take action

Ready to take action on implementing youth engagement? There are certain factors you’ll want to consider.  While there’s no checklist or one size fits all approach for implementing youth engagement, there are many resources that can help you along the way. This toolkit brings together valuable evidence, tools, activities and templates that can help agencies embed a youth voice and create sustainable opportunities for youth engagement in agencies and communities. The image below provides an overview of the different elements that can help you with truly engaging with youth as partners.

Co-activateCo-createCo-evaluateOpenings for youth engagementOpenings for youth engagement

The co-activate section outlines the planning phases of youth engagement. It involves creating the conditions for successful implementation of youth engagement.

The co-create section focuses on team building, engaging with communities and encouraging intergenerational relationships. It takes what's been planned in terms of your youth engagement goals and helps put it in motion.

The co-evaluate section highlights the importance of monitoring and adjusting your youth engagement efforts through evaluation. Through this work, we learn what’s been successful and what needs improving. Ongoing evaluation gives you the insight required to continuously improve your work and your relationships.